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Why should we treat primary teeth ?

When I present a treatment plan to parents about their children's dental condition the parents often say to me "Why should we do this?  They are going to fall out anyway!".  These are reasons I give why their children's baby teeth are worth saving:

1.  These teeth are important because they help guide proper eruption of permanent teeth.

2.  They help maintain good nutrition with proper chewing.

3.  They permit normal speech development.

4.  They need to be repaired to avoid the pain and suffering your child can experience from an abcess that can lead to possible hospitalization.

5.  To avoid damage to the developing permanent teeth.

6.  To avoid inadvertent extraction of a permanent tooth bud with early extraction of the primary tooth.

7.  Avoid high bacteria counts from occurring that can create possible lifetime problems.

8.  Avoid decay of the teeth next to the damaged tooth by direct spread of decay to the other teeth by bacteria shed into the saliva.

9.  Provide formation of the shape of the mouth.

10.  Your child's smile affects their sense of self esteem & confidence.